Cataline’s Pack Trail: Part Three, Fraser Lake to Prince Rupert

Third Leg of Cataline’s Pack Trail

Fraser Lake – The Cataline Hotel. I am not even sure if it still stands or if it is still called by that name, but it used to be,

Old Hazelton – Cataline is buried in the cemetery overlooking Old Hazelton. This is where he spent his last years, and he is supposed to be buried beside his old friends Jack Graham, Ezra Evans, Jim May, and one more that I must add later. In any case, since no one knew exact’y where his grave was, they built a small cairn to him near the entrance. I always pour him a little shot or a touch of beer on the cairn. One day if I should get rich I will try to find him with ground-penetrating radar, dig him up for some DNA testing to see if he really is my great-great-grandfather. In the meantime I had another plaque made for him for his cairn to replace the one that was stolen. He was 83 when he retired from the life. Sold his pack trains to George Biernes, and died at the age of 92, in 1922.

New Hazelton – I just heard today that there might be more than one statue of Cataline at the rest area. The one I know of is of him leading his pack mule. As well, last time I passed through there was an RV park and motel named for him.

Prince Rupert – I haven’t seen it but the last time I spoke with someone at the PR Museum they had a play where Cataline was a featured character.